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The Supported Employment Program provides training, coaching, and support for adults with an intellectual disability who are searching for paid employment in the community.  Our staff will work with participants in this program to assess their skills and readiness for employment, assist in contacting potential employers, learn new job skills and provide on-site coaching. We are also affiliated with the North East Supported Employment Program (NESEP) and access their support and expertise.


PLUS Industries also operates several businesses in the community that employ participants working under the supervision of a staff supervisor.  Currently these employment opportunities include working in one or more of the following enterprises: wood shop, recycling centre, summer yard care, contract cleaning services, winter snow removal, and our retail store on Main Street, PLUS Stuff Junction. 


There are many benefits to participating in the Supported Employment Program. Participants have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities, experience improved self-esteem and quality of life, and make new friends at their place of employment.

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