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Greentree Home

Greentree Home is a twelve-space residence that was built in 2013 and is owned and operated by PLUS Industries.  The home is located on McKendry Avenue, in a quiet residential neighbourhood just one block from the Melfort Mall.


The living spaces at Greentree Home are organized at three levels of care: a four space group home for residents requiring twenty-four hour care and supervision, a four space supported living home for residents requiring some care and supervision, and four self-contained independent suites for those who are able to live with minimal care and supervision.


The supervisors at Greentree Home work closely with the residents to provide quality care, encourage personal growth, foster meaningful relationships, and encourage social and recreational activities.  


For more information about our Residential Services Program or about Greentree Home, please contact our Supervisor (Donna Herzberg) by phone at 306.752.6561 or by email at

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