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In partnership with the City of Melfort

PLUS Industries is proud to be the recycler of cardboard, paper, glass, tin and car batteries for the City of Melfort and surrounding areas. 


Residents can drop off their cardboard and paper at several depots located throughout the city:

  • Melfort Mall Parking Lot

  • Independent Foods Parking Lot

  • Broadway Avenue South

  • Park Avenue

  • At our Main Depot at 609 Hamilton Avenue


Glass and tin containers, that are not deposit containers, and car batteries are also accepted for recycling, but these must be dropped off in the marked containers at the main depot at 609 Hamilton Avenue.

PLUS Industries also provides a pick up service for businesses or organizations that have a large volume of cardboard that they would like to recycle. This is a convenient service at a reasonable cost that allows businesses to be responsible stewards of our environment.

Recycling Pick Up Form


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