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PLUS Industries appreciates the support of the following organizations that partner with us to provide services for adults with intellectual disabilities. Click on the links below to connect with the website of each organization.

Community Living Services Delivery

Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD) is a branch of the Ministry of Social Services. CLSD staff work with agencies such as PLUS Industries to support people experiencing intellectual disabilities. In partnership, we work to ensure that the physical, emotional and social needs of people experiencing intellectual disabilities are met and that they are able to live as independently as possible within their own communities.

Ministry of Social Services

The Ministry of Social Services provides financial support to agencies such as PLUS Industries to ensure positive outcomes for people with disabilities.  Ministry officials and staff provide leadership and consultation to ensure participants reach their goals of independence and integration into the community.

SARC is a provincial association that provides services to non-profit organizations such as PLUS Industries to support their work with adults experiencing an intellectual disability. SARC has five decades of experience in supporting non-profits in the areas of training, consulting, and leadership services.

PLUS Industries owns and operates the Melfort SARCAN depot.  The depot is part of a province wide network that is authorized to collect levy containers

The City of Melfort is a valued partner of PLUS Industries. Currently PLUS Industries is a designated recycler for the City of Melfort. Recyclables can be dropped off at five depot sites located throughout the City.

Melfort Donors Choice2.png

PLUS Industries is one of 16 organizations supported by the Melfort Donors Choice. You can like their Facebook page to keep updates on their great work in Melfort.

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